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Helvetica, The Shirt - I wear Helvetica on the outside because Helvetica is how I feel on the inside.

Videogames - Ruining your childhood memories, one pixel at a time.

Music - I broke up the band.

Cooper Black is Back - Aww yeah.

This is how I roll - I'm the kingpin.



A Topology-based Handheld Food Classification System

Web Utilities:

Stamp calculator - Figures out how many stamps you'll need for your postage based on what stamps you have available.

FancySearch - 'command line' searching that takes you directly to your search results.

Kempressor - Save data with the power of bad kerning

OS X tips:

Applescript to toggle display rotation between landscape and portrait modes (OS X) (as referred to on GitHub)

What's new?

June 2018 - Added Bill Slicer App

December 2017 - Added Mark It! App

June 2017 - Added Virtual Ruler

June 2017 - Added Ice Cream Stickers for iMessage

March 2017 - Added Fancy Apps section, Musical Notation Stickers, Detecto and Signal Lamp app videos

March 2017 - Removed Today's Comics (no longer works)

2015 - Added sandwich topology Venn diagram

April 2012 - Added video game shirts

February 2012 - Added more 'awesome' shirts

February 2007 - Launched a site dedicated to pictures of little animals: (eaten by a red-tailed hawk)

September 2007 - Added Helvetica, the Shirt

February 2006 - Updated postage rates on Stamp Calculator. Fixed rounding error.

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