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Mark It App! The Photo-based Shopping List

Take a photo. Mark with your finger. No typing!

• Stays awake as you walk the aisles.
• Peek behind your ink.
• The modern way to shop.

• Pinch to zoom.
• Erase, Undo, Redo.
• Share


Ice Cream Sticker Pack

An ice cream parlor in your pocket!
Send custom ice cream creations to your friends via iMessage with this sticker pack.
Thousands of combinations!

"iScream for iceCream!" (sorry)

Tips: • Pinch and rotate to resize. • Put ice cream on any photo on iMessage.

I don't see my stickers — where are they?


Music Notation Sticker Pack

Share music the old-fashioned way: with iMessage Stickers

Great for musicians, music-lovers, teachers, students.

Lay down a staff then add notes, rests, time signature, guitar fingerings and more.

Tips: • Grab stickers with their invisible side and bottom handles. • Pinch and rotate to resize the ties/slurs.

See the included stickers

Where are iMessage Stickers anyway?

I don't see my stickers — where are they?

The real fake Geiger counter

Prank your friends — you control the readout by pressing the screen harder

Available for iPhones 4s and newer!
(that's right, 3d touch is NOT required!)

Signal Light
Send Morse code with your iPhone

Practice makes perfect with the built-in cheat sheet.

Great for campers, sailors, scouts, spies.

Rockin' Ruler
It's a 12-inch ruler in your pocket.

Amaze your friends and yourself with this amazing… ruler.
“It’s kinda accurate!”

Click here


Helvetica, The Shirt
- Generic shirts for sale.

- Ruining your childhood memories, one pixel at a time.

Music - I broke up the band.

Cooper Black is Back - Aww yeah.

This is how I roll - For serious.



A Topology-based Handheld Food Classification System

Web Utilities:

FancySearch - 'command line' searching that takes you directly to your search results.

Stamp calculator - Figures out how many stamps you'll need for your postage based on what stamps you have available.

OS X tips:

Applescript to toggle display rotation between landscape and portrait modes (OS X) (as referred to on GitHub)

What's new?

December 2017 - Added Mark It! App

June 2017 - Added Virtual Ruler

June 2017 - Added Ice Cream Stickers for iMessage

March 2017 - Added Fancy Apps section, Musical Notation Stickers, Detecto and Signal Lamp app videos

March 2017 - Removed Today's Comics (no longer works)

2015 - Added sandwich topology Venn diagram

April 2012 - Added video game shirts

February 2012 - Added more 'awesome' shirts

February 2007 - Launched a site dedicated to pictures of little animals: (eaten by a red-tailed hawk)

September 2007 - Added Helvetica, the Shirt

February 2006 - Updated postage rates on Stamp Calculator. Fixed rounding error.

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